REMOTE SUPPORT WITH DEANNA 30 MINUTE - not currently available

REMOTE SUPPORT WITH DEANNA 30 MINUTE - not currently available

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Sorry, but DeAnna cannot take on any new clients at this time.
If you are already a client please contact
and DeAnna will find space for your continued health journey together.


With more than 200,000 client sessions completed, I can truly say that we ALL have unhealthy patterns that are part of our lives, and we all have the ability to make positive changes. I have found that changes are easiest to make with heartfelt, neutral listening and validation first and then combine it with creating healthy boundaries and providing solutions that are fun and according to one’s lifestyle. Working in the trenches of human health dynamics and experiences for over 30 years now, has developed my ability to bare witness to one’s personal truths and answer questions about anything. I can witness the change needed and provide solutions, but everyone has to go home to the self, choose to be empowered to change and take action.

We All Need to Know

How our anatomy and physiology work

What our bodies are telling us through emotional and physical symptoms

Advise about foods, plants and remedies that are best for each individual.

Self Care Healthcare Practices

Change is possible

    From the beginning of a new born life, to the leaving of this world, we can support the healing of injuries, to living with dis-ease states. You can learn how to find the weaknesses and support the strengths of your situation. Allow me to help you navigate decisions and choices.

    Prakruti - Know your birth constitution

    How much of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha Dosha were you born with?

    What combination are you?

    Which individual qualities (gunas) make you unique?

    We will explore:

    Assessment of Tongue and Bone Structure

    The Energetics of Self and Emotions

    Establishing Strengths and Weaknesses that are innately you.

    Consider your Doshic Genetic Code, in connection to your bloodline.

    Cellular structures of the Self (Prakruti), Pathways (Dharma) and Actions (Karma)

    Includes: Longevity Solutions for Life Protocols of Nutrition, Remedies, Formulas

    Individualized list of foods and recipes, essential oils, herbs and remedies Ayurvedic Handouts & Elemental Questionnaire Personalized “Know to Avoid” list VIKRUTI CHANGE YOUR PRESENT IMBALANCES Tracking the cause & effect of your primary symptoms Understand your Truths to make changes easy. Gain FUN Tools for your personal lifestyle. We will explore: Assessment of Face, Tongue and Skin Strengths, Weaknesses and Symptoms of your Emotional and Physical self. Tracking Digestion (Agni & Ama) , Immunity (lymphatic system), and the 7 Tissues of the body (Dhatus) No Shame, Baby Steps, Being Realistic. Finding your personal incentive program to inspire changes. Includes: Simple Solutions to make Big Changes Protocols of Nutrition, Remedies, and Formulas Ayurvedic Handouts & Elemental Questionnaire Personalized “Know to Avoid” list


    Your Remote Support Session requires careful thought and preparation for your self care and wellness; therefore 24 hours notice is needed for cancellations or rescheduling. Refunds are not offered after this window has past. Thank you