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DeAnna CARE 

Online Booking for a 3-hour Deep Dive Session with DeAnna!


*** PLEASE do not share this URL with anyone else. It is for your appointment booking only. ***

What is Included-

1 hour Pulse Assessment with handouts for self-care practices at home

2 hour Bodywork session with compresses, cuppings, gua sha & other sacred health tools form around the world being utilized specifically to your needs.

Cost $600

We invite you to use your appointment time for tracking symptoms, getting down to specific details, injury and trauma support & furthering your growth in self-care practices being the best health care we have.

Education & Choices are empowered health care, with meaningful options and effective tools for the on-going journey of health and well-being.  May our work together inspire you to greater engagement and deeper practice!

Appointments are Limited-

  • Is this your first Deep Dive appointment with DeAnna?

We ask that you make ONE appointment only. DeAnna will discuss your on-going care plan and give you guidelines regarding further bookings.

  • Are you an existing client with DeAnna? 

Feel free to book ahead for one appointment every 4 months

-3 Deep Dives ONLY per year-

DeAnna is not providing month to month care at this time.

Our purpose is to make DeAnna's time available to a wide group of people, while at the same time stewarding her ripple effect through teachings, writing, and expanding her work.

On-Going Care Team-

An On-Going Care Team is about building a body of support for your health journey.  It takes a village and DeAnna is one person. The practitioners on her Practitioner Referral list are her colleagues, graduates and community. We all need more access to lymphatic flow to progress and thrive.  There are so many amazing humans out there that have put in the time of study with DeAnna and are ready to serve and make this their profession in life.


Pay in person, day of Deep Dive

CASH, check or Venmo  

You are responsible for the rescheduling or cancelling of your Deep Dive according to availability online.

No show is $300

The booking process-

After you click the button "schedule your time", a calendar will be shown. Dates which have openings available are shown on the calendar in BOLD.   You may need to click forward through a few months to find any dates that are bolded (available).

When you reach a month with dates in BOLD, click on a bolded date to see openings on that date. Only times which are available are shown. There may be a message initially "Uh oh, all time slots have been filled..."  Ignore this message, and click on the bolded date, if there is one.

When you click on a bolded date, the page will update and show available timeslots on that date, such as "9 am to noon".  To book, click on the time, then click on "confirm time".  A dialog box will open for you to fill in your information.  Fill in your info and click on the "confirm" button.

Additional Care Options-