Student Intern at Community Clinic

Student Intern at Community Clinic

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About Community Clinics with DeAnna

Dear Student Intern partners-in-practice:

Our community clinic is taking a break, until the Summer of 2024.

DeAnna’s home, including treatment spaces, has unforeseen & immediate construction needs. 

Everyone and animals are ok, but a set back occurred.

Due to this, we have not yet announced community clinic dates for 2024.

We will send out an email when dates are available again.

Thank you for your understanding. 

We miss you and can’t wait to see you again!

– dhyana Essentials








→  Start by selecting a category: either "student intern" or "lead intern" (if you have been told this applies to you)  ←

Thanks for your interest in being a student practitioner at Community Clinics with DeAnna. This offering is for students who have taken the Clinical Course with DeAnna.

Community Clinics take place in DeAnna's theraputics yurt at 3887 Middle Deer Meadow Lane in Occidental. Please park across the street in the gravel lot and come in through the back gate. 

Please arrive at 1:30 pm to prepare and plan on staying until the end, around 6:30 pm.

You will be seeing 4 clients over the 4 hours with the assistance of DeAnna and 1-2 other interns. This is a great way to practice and learn- no need to be an expert!

 If you need to cancel, you will need to find a replacement (from your class).  

About the booking process to sign up as an intern:

After you click on "schedule your time", only the clinic dates which still have openings will be shown in the calendar.  You will need to scroll forward to find a date that is bolded. (There will be a message initially in each month "Uh oh, all time slots have been filled..."  Ignore this message, and click on the bolded date, if there is one.)

When you click on a bolded date, it will update and say "1:30 pm - 6:30 pm" if there are intern slots available on that date.  It will also say how many slots are still available.

To book, click on "1:30 pm - 6:30 pm", then click on "confirm time".  A dialog box will open for you to fill in your information.  Fill in your info and click on the "confirm" button.


Community Clinic dates for 2023:

  • January 11 and 25
  • February 8 and 22
  • March 8 and 22
  • April 12 and 26
  • May 10 and 24
  • June 7
  • September 6 and 20
  • October 11 and 25
  • November 8 and 22
  • NEW December 13 and 20

Only dates which still have openings available are shown on the calendar.