Didn’t get a chance to attend our Edible Ayurveda cooking class this year? Isn’t it funny how we’re in lockdown, but there’s still so much FOMO. Nature abhors a vacuum and in the absence of physical destinations and travel, the online world rushed to fill the void and so – wow, so many online concerts and workshops and lectures and classes!
If you missed the class, no need to fret, because Edible Ayurveda will return this September! And here’s some of what our recent students have been learning that you can look forward to:
★ Did you know that all vegetables are carbohydrates? Plus, the more dense or sweeter a vegetable is, the more units of sugar are contained within, while the juicier or wetter a vegetable means there’s more water found in that vegetable (think potato versus celery or corn versus cucumber).
★ Do you know the fastest tell-tale sign that you’ve had enough food at a meal? You might have been taught to ignore or suppress the signal, but the first and second burp let you know how full your stomach is getting.
★ Did you know that juicing and smoothies aren’t the healthiest option for all bodies? Which body do you have – cold, wet, dry, or hot?
★ If you like to crunch ice, what should you actually be eating? The habit of crunching ice indicates your body needs warmth, so enjoy a cup of ginger chai with a warm stew for your next meal.
★ Did you know that a dash of spice is all you need to go from just plain healthy to an ultimate power-up on your plate!?
One last thing: this wouldn’t be a good story without a recipe, would it? How about a spice blend that lends an exotic flavor to a soup or rice while warming and improving your digestion!
East and North Indian Masala
 ¼   cup  Coriander  Seeds
½   cup  Cumin  Seeds
1/8 cup  Cloves
2  Tbsp. Cinnamon  Powder
2  Tbsp. Cardamom  Powder  (green)

Dry roast in an iron skillet for 10 minutes on low heat. Powder the  mixture and keep it in a dry place.

See you in September!

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