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“It’s been such a hard winter and I really want to break out of my feelings of confinement in SO many ways. I also don’t want to get really overwhelmed. What’s a good way to approach this Spring energy?” — Felicity

Can you feel it in the air? We are talking big feels, big energy. Just as last spring was fraught with caution, fear, the unknown, disbelief, and just this strange fog of the new pandemic, this spring comes with a buildup of everything that’s been shut down, suppressed, and held back.

It’s also a little hard to know what to feel. Is that optimism? Are things looking up? Is that a light at the end of the tunnel we see or just another candle to light our way in the darkness.

To be honest, we’re still in a place to look within and learn how to let go of those things we cannot control. Does speculation about politics or economy or conspiracy truly serve you? What part of your environment are you responsible for? Only you can answer that, but make sure you take a good hard look at what is in your own garden to tend. Don’t let agents with their own interests lead you down a path that can only get you lost.

So, what’s in your own garden? How does your day look? Do you have little rituals that give your week structure? Do you have subjects you’re curious about? What did you dream of when you hibernated this winter? Bring your attention back to your cares and responsibilities.

Now that your attention to your garden is getting stronger, you can look at the fertile, rested ground of your mind and your schedule and think about what you’d like to plant. Choose ideas, jobs, pursuits, relationships that you feel would grow nicely together and not compete for your resources. Make sure you can give each of those items full attention, the sun and water and fertilizer of your capacity. Be discerning. Whatever you choose should be something you can nurture sufficiently.

This can be a very challenging task. It’s easy to glance over at a neighbor’s garden (or a garden online) and think that your own garden isn’t quite as nice. But, just like in outdoor gardens, every human has their own resources to draw from. Stay focused on what pursuits and plans work for YOUR life and family. Spend too long admiring someone else’s garden and your own might wither.

Enter into Spring with full awareness and intention and soon you’ll see the beautiful flowers and fruits of your labor!


Hari Aum,

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