It’s Never Too Late: Reduce Inflammation and Create Balance for Prostate Health

What can you do to cool down an inflamed or enlarged prostate? I have remedies for you!

I’ll get the first one out of the way because it’s a bit strange for some people. However, this is the most traditional, long-standing prostate remedy there is. It’s a technique offered in doctor’s clinics to this day, but it is actually very easy to do yourself. It’s called “milking” the prostate. It's a powerful remedy that releases inflammation, making it quite enjoyable. It’s a way to relieve the prostate of its pressures, allowing it to do its job and stay balanced. 

I am calling on all humans with prostates to see if you can make this a health value in your life, to make it preventative: massage your prostate until it begins to ooze a milky substance and do it regularly. Milking reduces swelling. It’s anatomically similar to canine anal glands that periodicaly need to be expressed to reduce swelling. 

Hydration is a big part of keeping the system cool and to reduce overall inflammation. My e-book on hydration goes into detail about how to make sure your hydration isn’t just dumping water into the kidneys and then to the bladder without absorbing into the systems that need it. It’s not just about water! Make sure you are adding electrolytes to your water through Atlantic Grey salt and including omega 3 oils, like flax or olive, drizzled raw over veggies or soup or just about any prepared dish!

Now let's talk about the liver. The liver manufactures testosterone and cholesterol. When testosterone and cholesterol are out of balance it can be harder for the prostate to regulate the genito-urinary system. Watch your meat intake to protect the liver and its hormone production. Cholesterol that sits in the liver elevates the cholesterol level in the body. It's a delivery system since the liver is part of the circulatory system. If things are too oily, cholesterol can get stagnant.

So, for liver health, here’s the breakdown:

  • Try more clean proteins: legumes, seaweed, kelp capsules.
  • Eat more omega oils.

Anyone who knows me, knows I believe there is no greater effective and powerful remedy than essential oils. Here are the essential oils I recommend for targeted prostate care. Remember to respect the drop. More is not better when it comes to essential oils. 

Roman Chamomile, Blue Cypress, and Rose Geranium are all anti-inflammatories, good for gland regulation, and reproductive health. Frankincense can work too. 

If you are dealing with edema, I recommend 6 drops of Cypress plus 6 drops of Rose Geranium applied directly on the tailbone around and down into the groin.

Rose geranium is a long-term tonic. Apply 4 drops on the tailbone each night as preventative care.

You’re worth taking the time to learn about your body and care for it on a daily basis.

Trauma can be stored in the prostate. This is a subtle contributor to imbalance that is just now starting to receive attention as our emotional story is linked to our physical health. In our current culture, men seem to have a hard time discussing trauma. I want to see more room given to men to let them work through and express their trauma. If you are aware of conditions in your past that were traumatic, do what you can to seek out therapies that work for you to access and work through these events.                           

I've been lucky enough to serve female bodies, but I want to help all bodies. There have been so many men that I've been fortunate enough to help.

I worked with a man I thought of as my "sacred elder".  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and decided he didn't want to pursue treatment. He said, “I don't want to use the word ‘cancer’ --we'll call it inflammation and take care of it.”  

He was dedicated to changing the diagnosis and not identifying with “the C word”. So I kept tracking his pulse. We tracked his urine output as well as pain indicators. I layered in different anti-inflammatories. He milked his prostate once a week. Eventually, he identified that the inflammation was gone, so I sent him in to get labs. He did and they showed he'd handled it with natural care and giving it time. I learned so much from him in the way of not self-identifying with a diagnosis, but taking responsibility for making change. He wasn't avoiding, he just didn't want to identify too deeply. I loved watching his whole process and I learned it's never too late to begin the work of making change. 

In my early days of learning Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques, I saw the signs of inflammation with my dad and started asking the necessary questions. Ayurveda gave me the tools to let me see what was presenting. Our bodies are smart! We can map the body and connect the dots.

My dad chose to go through radiation and other care. When I worked with him, I focused on working with that medication as it goes through the body. Caring and supporting prostate health doesn’t demand a certain path. Everybody gets to choose what's best for them.

You’re worth taking the time to learn about your body and care for it on a daily basis. This isn’t just a task for November, but for every day of your year. And I’m here for you.

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  • This is a timely post as a special person in my life is just undergoing a lot of tests to determine his prostate status. I thought of you when he told me and now this post came to my attention. Thanks for your suggestions. There are infinite solutions to our diagnosis.


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