Kidney Health is Heart Health

The Oceans of the Body Bring Healthy Blood Pressure

As mentioned in the last article (you can catch up here), electrolyte balance is so essential for good health. One of the crucial reasons for this is how electrolytes contribute to kidney health and how kidney health leads to heart health.

Electrolytes are normally lost in the urine, perspiration, and stomach secretions. Excessive loss can occur from heavy sweating, vomiting, and adrenal gland and kidney disease.

Kidney health is directly related to heart health and adrenal health. Your water volume in the blood influences your blood pressure. When there is enough water, your blood pressure can stabilize. The body wants to be like a full jar of water – a full jar equals being full of life.

Electrolytes and sufficient hydration for kidney support also protect the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands sit directly on top of the kidneys and are responsible for regulating metabolism, immune system, blood pressure and your response to stress. When there isn’t enough water and the kidneys aren’t supported, the adrenals, in turn, are not supported and are more likely to be taxed through the flight-or-fight response. 

How did I discover the link between kidney and heart health? It came from teachers very close to my own heart.

My familiar Aushadi, the healer dog, was with me for 15 years. She sat in every treatment, class and traveling gig I had. If someone wanted my expertise, they had to know I came with a dog!  

At age 9 she began urinating anywhere, anytime. I took a look at her kidney health, seeing that she wasn’t cycling enough water volume to pressurize her blood flow through her kidneys and so her fluids were dumping to her bladder and thus she had to pee all the time. 

Aushadi was a big part of my salt electrolyte discovery, and increasing her electrolytes kept her kidneys functioning and the excess urine flow at a minimum for a couple more years. Then she began coughing.  I checked her pulse again and her kidneys felt okay, though a bit weak, however her heart pulse was very weak & damp. I had just begun my education in heart health, since my mom had just had a quadruple bypass (you can listen to that story in episode 16 of my podcast.).  

My mom in jeopardy and now 'Shadi dog? I didn’t have enough information, so it was the right time to take her in to see a doctor and get some tests.  She had early stage congestive heart failure, just like my mom. Really this is how I am going to learn more about heart health? Reality was yes, this is how I will be learning more. 

Aushadi was 13 and her doctor said it was just a matter of time. He told me her lungs would fill up with fluid and she would essentially drown.  She was placed on the same medication my mom was taking for the same reason, with the same inevitable death prognosis.  I helped keep Aushadi alive two more years, and her doctor was amazed!  We really can use allopathic medications and plant medicine together beautifullyI 

This combination also helped keep my mom alive 14 more years–like they say, for every one dog years is seven human years. I thank them for teaching me about the kidneys, heart health, electrolytes and the balance between allopathic and holistic health practices.  You don’t have to pick one approach forever more, when a balance can be found together.

Strengthen your heart and you strengthen the intuitive voice that can give you valuable information when you need it. You strengthen your capacity to show up with compassion in your relationships. And you strengthen your greatest tool to heal yourself and, potentially, your world. 


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