Making Dreams into Reality

Karma Yoga – Daily Duty

The word karma comes from the Sanskrit word “krit”, which means performance of an action to create a manifestation.  At 22 years old, my teacher Dr. Lobsang Rapgay mentioned to me that most privileged humans do not understand what “karma” means, nor do they put in the time to achieve the possibilities available from it. 

This was the first time I had considered that karma was a positive word. By taking positive actions and being dutiful in our daily lives we can manifest anything we want. It’s about putting in the time it takes and working towards the goals we have. I decided I was going to make this part of my life and see what happened. Wow, Karma Yoga has proven itself 34 years later, feeling healthy, vibrant and full of ideas, while serving in the trenches of human lives and health experiences. 

Karma Yoga is about staying in a motivational flow of our daily duties as a meditation of neutrality and necessity. This neutrality does not leave room for expectations, frustrations or giving up. Caring for our homesteads are a meditation, going to work is a meditation, being in service and caring for your health is a meditation. These meditation practices keep us healthy, stable and grounded. It is a frame of mind to allow our daily actions to serve us - verses grind us down.

Last month, I spoke about dreaming big and reducing it down to an achievable goal for the year. We are half way through winter, the season of hibernation, where we quietly organize our goals for the year, face the obstacles ahead, and get real with our budget. 

The key is to create your goals around what you love and work hard towards them, keeping your heart & head invested on the outcome you desire. Put in the time it takes to turn your dreams into a reality by spending 90 minutes a day to develop your goal. I challenge us all to take action in this way and see what manifests through daily Karma Yoga. Our biggest obstacles will be the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s and the if’s, and's, or but’s of our social conditioning. 

Need an idea to focus on? Choose your kitchen and revamp it, set up a new self care station in the bathroom, or if you don’t like your job, choose to consider what you really want to do and work towards making that truth your reality. Things may manifest more swiftly than you're used to. Focused daily actions add up quick!

What are your dreams as we move towards Spring?

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