The world is constantly full of new things, a tumult of creation and dissolution. Ideas arise as small as which socks to wear to as monumental as whether to begin a family. The process of creation has its own elemental cycle. If you focus on each part of the creation process, you can bring a deeper understanding and intentionality to whatever you wish to manifest. The journey itself becomes an opportunity to grow in every moment. 

Let’s look at how new growth breaks down.

  1. Ether -- the inkling of a wish. The possibility of childbirth, a new career path, a painting beginning to form. These are the atoms and energetic threads that combine to become the compact seed of something new. Sometimes that ephemeral idea takes awhile to form and sometimes it rockets down into substance.

  2. Air -- The brain churns through creative storms, plans are made, light sketches form what will be. Entertain all kinds of ideas, but discern what may be the more reasonable to pursue.

  3. Water -- The flow of creation, emotions, finding the edges of the process. This is an ebb and flow of construction. It will take as long as it needs to with lots of deep discovery along the way.

  4. Fire -- The final crucible of labor, the flurry of logistics, the fire in the belly of manifestation. Fire consumes patiently, yet relentlessly while it has fuel. This is the time to focus on the next right step in each moment. Keep enough emotional and physical fuel to stay patient and persistent. This is putting the final touches on the storefront, attending the job interviews, doing the intense personal work. Time may seem to move quickly and more intensely.

  5. Earth -- the new thing is delivered into the world. A crystallization of all the work that has led to this moment. The dream has form and substance. 

The journey isn’t over, of course. A baby will grow and mature with guidance. A business will move through its gains and losses. An art piece will interact with an audience. A new job or a new personal habit will yield new rhythms and choices. This new creation is now in the world, of the world, giving itself to the world. 

Where are you in this elemental process?

If part of what you are growing or tending is a new baby, consider DeAnna Batdorff and Terri Simmon’s course, Birth Alchemy. This course can give you the understanding how to work with flow and intention to achieve a birth journey that is deeply healing and transformative.

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