The Self-Care Tools You Don't Have Yet

Clear Your Upper Channels to Clear Your Mind and Your Communication 

I have been caring for my own eyes, upper channels and dental health for 33 years. I see this as my right to take care of these parts of my body myself and not just wait for something to happen to prompt a visit to a dentist or eye doctor.

When I care for my own eyes, sinuses, and mouth, it balances my brain, allows me to think more clearly, and provides rest when it is time to do so. My main tools? A neti pot and a tongue scraper.

These two are also beneficial in my daily illness prevention care.

Did you know that netra means vision or eyes? This is the origin of the word neti.

The neti pot is used for psychological purposes and eyesight, and there is the added benefit of clearing the sinuses of congestion.

And if you need more congestion clearing or deeper Covid prevention, check out Baraka Sinus Rinse Salt, which I formulated.

When we run electrolyte salted water through our nostrils, this primes the pituitary gland behind the right eye & the hypothalamus switchboard behind the left eye.

The pituitary governs our ability to experience pleasure and pain, as well as calm and excitement.  Neti pots are used for clearing traumas from the psyche and balancing our hormonal output.  The pituitary is the governing gland that sends the messages of how we are feeling to the other six endocrine glands via the hypothalamus switchboard.

I like to use my neti pot when transitioning from work mode to personal life mode. It is just as useful to start my day clear and balanced OR clear my thoughts to help me fall asleep. 

Here's an easy neti pot technique: place the spout of your neti pot into one nostril, tilt your head, and allow the water to exit the other nostril as you tip the pot. If you feel pressure or pain, adjust the angle of your head until the water flows easily. Breath out your mouth throughout the entire process allowing upper sinuses to relax completely. This will make neti pot flow effortlessly.  While doing neti consider what it is you want to flow out of you and say good bye to it as it goes down the drain.

The other technique I can’t do without is tongue scraping. This is a proven way to remove excess toxins from the mouth, teeth, and gums to improve dental health overall.

Tongue scraping is known in Ayurveda as jihwah prakshalana. This is such an easy health tool practice to bring into your tooth brushing times of the day. Not only does this practice remove debris that collected on the skeletal muscle of your tongue, it ensures that the toxic debris does not re-enter your digestive tract through swallowing.

The best part is that we are actually massaging our nerve endings which are present on the tongue itself, so essentially you are getting an autonomic nerve ending massage for all of your organs!  This activates the organs to release what they do not need, causing a detox effect for your whole body. Tongue scraping is used for dental care, halitosis, and clean communication.

How’s that for keeping it fresh!


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