Where the Chakras Meet the Glands

We have seven chakras and seven glands, which work together to align our experiences, decipher an experience and give it a place to land, a root cause. We also have seven bodily tissues, seven-year planetary cycles, seven continents and the seven seas.

Our chakras, the energetic self, meet our glandular health through each inhale & exhale. Every time we breath, we have choice.  We actually feel and choose how to move forward moment to moment. A tall order, but always available to go back to the drawing board and make a decision about how you feel and what you choose to feed your body or release to the ethers as to not be manifested.

Our Inhale represents what we are experiencing moment to moment, what is in us.

We take belly breaths, expanding out to meet the world, how we feel collected in the form of oxygen molecules delivered to the brain.

Our exhale represents how our emotions are communicated to our body though the glands releasing hormones.  Hormone means to spur on, and it is this action that allows emotions to become physical attributes in ourselves from life’s happenings and our lifestyle.

As we exhale, we can choose to release negative energy as a toxic experience out the crown chakra and it is dispersed into nothingness through the many orifices we have at the top of our head. Out our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and crown chakra, to be released to the vast ethers, as to not become matter or that which matters.

Or we exhale and choose to send the experience down from the crown chakra into the physical glands of our body, carrying the message of positive energy from our pineal to pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals and our reproductive potential.

The hormones are the chemical messengers who carry the communications of happiness into the bodily functions and keep us well maintained. If negative emotions are exhaled back into body, symptoms are created to express an imbalance.

The objective is to collect how you feel in your inhale. If it is not of use to you, release it up and out on exhale. Or if it's a feeling of truth and wholeness, send it to your body to nourish all your glands and savor the deliciousness of the present moment. 

Emotions & Organs

There are deep correlations between our emotional self and our physical health.

There is an innate understanding that how we feel and experience life, makes our genetic codes stronger or weaken into dis-ease states according to our RNA/DNA.

Did you know that our cells mimic the majority?  In fact, the more times we do something, the more cellular it becomes.  If we experience an emotion repeatedly, a habit is created and then our cells begin to hold the memory, forming a pattern of behavior. Thus, a negative pattern that has become habitual will need a positive related opposite to be done, to change the cellular trajectory.  So, it is true that we can outgrow old patterns.

Emotions don’t just suddenly become physical dysfunction, so what happens?

We are what we eat, and we eat our emotions, good or bad. Begin to notice when you feel anxiety, grief, or anger and what you choose to eat according to how you feel.  Like spicy food with anger, dry food with anxiety, or oily junk food with grief. 

Now think back in time to your childhood and consider what were the emotions and foods correlated to your history. You may find the first clue to how cause & affect works and how our cells communicate from heart to head, from mind to body, or the energetics of an experience that created a physical response.

What about our ancestor’s experiences and outcomes that make up our genetics? For instance, long term alcoholism in a family that have shared behaviors like anger can have weakened codes in their liver’s function generation by generation.

Let’s also remember that we have positive experiences to rely on and to build healthy patterns upon.  Our history doesn’t go away, it already happened; it is what we do with it moving forward that our cellular balance depends on.

We do not experience only one emotion in our life or even at a time, they are connected just as our body works as a unit in wholeness. 

Connecting to Our Organs

This chart shows the emotional quality held in different organs according to Ayurveda, the Dosha that rules that organ, as well as how it tends to get out of balance. Which emotions on this list are showing up in your life right now? What organs correspond to those emotions?



Choose one organ / emotion to work with right now. Take belly breaths, expand to meet the world, notice how you feel. 

Practice exhaling and releasing through the crown what no longer serves you. See if you can approach this emotion / organ with love and acceptance.

If / When you feel like you've released what you needed to, try exhaling into the body, into that organ, sending a message of love and acceptance to all your cells.

This is a practice you can come back to. You may need to release a lot through the crown before you can start nourishing your body through your exhale. Be patient, and trust your body to do what it needs. 

Our emotions and our physical health are inextricably tied. When we face our emotions with compassion, we can address our imbalances before they become physical, and prevent them from going into a state of dis-ease. By connecting to our emotions we are practicing preventative health care.

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