Practitioner Referrals

Sonoma County

Deana Dennard
Lotus Healing Center
820 Gravenstein Hwy South, Suite 110, Sebastopol, CA 95472
707-280-6502 /
Pulse, Ayurvedic/Whole Food Nutrition, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Master Bodywork Sessions blending Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage & Therapy

Holly Struthers, RN, CST, MIM
Innate Wisdom
435 Petaluma Avenue Suite 124, Sebastopol, CA, (919)618-0973
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Monique La Vada Mc Math
Tumbleweed Love
Sebastopol ( physical address given once session is booked )
(707) 228 4879 /
Nourishing Oil Massage, Lymphatic whole body treatment, Lymphatic breast treatment, basti (netra, kati, chakra, and womb), Complimentary Pulse Consultations, Birth and death Doula, Inner child healing, Cranial adjustment therapy

Rachel (Rae) Rodriguez
Raemelina Bodywork
1070 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472
(702) 612 8684 /
Nourishing/Lymphatic Blend, Deep Dive (including pulse, lymphatic massage, sacred tools (guasha, cupping, etc), and “7 tissues” care), breast/chest massage, pulse consultation, abdominal massage and psoas release

Northern California (other than Sonoma)

Maya McNeil
Ritual Bodywork & Integrative Therapies
Manzanita Wellness Collective, 2818 San Pablo Ave, berkeley CA 94020
(530) 574 1827 /
Nourishing lymphatic massage, cupping, gua sha, hot/cold therapies, deep tissue, breast/chest massage and education, intuitive services, psoas and digestive release, reflexology, sound bath, herbal baths, equitable access sliding scale for BIPoC and Trans community

Sariah Neff
Serenity Within
Redwood Valley, CA 
707.499.8361 /
lymphatic massage, intuitive / therapeutic bodywork, GI support, netra basti, Ayurvedic nutrition
Simone Oliver
7765 Healdsburg Ave Sebastopol, Mt Shasta
Phone number and email address: (707) 672-6272,
Areas of practice, specialties, etc.: VIP Deep Dives, Deep tissue sessions include gua sha, cupping stones & lymphatic specialist, pulse readings, ayurvedic treatments (netra basti, shirodara, kati basti, pinda, facial steam) and Ozone sauna therapy
Stacey Pfeifer
Sways on the Watertop
11310 Loch Lomond Rd Middletown CA 95461
707-972-1699 /
Deep Dive Lymphatic Session, Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment, Herbal steam, Pancha karma
Tina Tedechi
Heart in Hand Therapeutic Massage and Ayurvedic Treatments
525 South Main Street, Ukiah, CA 9548
707 234-0113 /
Deep Dive, Lymphatic Care Breast work, Netra Basti-eye treatments, Tibetan Cranial, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Hot Stones, as well as basics in pulse and tongue diagnosis

Southern California

Coming Soon.


Jana Cruder
Whole Wmn
Northern Virginia 22938
(310) 897 9212 /
Deep dive, lymphatic massage, breast lymph
Monika Szrek
Living Wisdom
Flagstaff Arizona
holistic health consultations, nutritional healing, cooking classes, psychology
Dr. Phyllis SHU Hubbard
A Cross-Cultural Healing Haven
Root Cause Analyst, Healing Visual Artist