Salt is a staple of civilization and really nice on your popcorn. But it’s a pretty humble mineral otherwise, right?

Wait until you find out what the salt known as Kala Namak can do!

Kala Namak sounds like the name of an obscure god, doesn’t it? Check out its powers, they are undeniable. It melts intestinal plaque, can smite fungus, and exorcises heavy metals from your body. AND it can make a tofu scramble taste more eggy. All without requiring a sacrifice.

Kala Namak salt is full of sulfur (hence the egg-like flavor enhancement) and harvested from the salt mines in India. It is also known as black salt. Large raw chunks of it have a dark blood orange to deep purple hue. When it’s ground down it takes on a more pink color. It’s properties provide nourishing, warming, and cleansing.

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processing food completely. The end result is typically constipation or elimination that takes a little too much paperwork. If you find yourself with this occurring, kala namak is one tool you might use. Note: it is helpful to book an appointment to receive an Ayurvedic consultation if you suspect a systemic imbalance and, of course, see your health care practitioner if symptoms are causing concern.

To melt intestinal plaque, dissolve 1 teaspoon of kala namak in a glass of warm water twice per day. It’s a strong taste, so you can use a smaller amount of liquid if it’s more efficacious to sling back the water in one shot. This water/salt combination will bring on some detox purge, but it’s part of sloughing off the plaque.

If you have nail fungus, soak your feet in a bath with 2 tablespoons of kala namak.

If you have tinnea on your skin, make a spray of 4 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of salt.

Think you have heavy metals? Not Metallica, but mercury, lead, cadmium, or arsenic. These are metals we can be exposed to from water or air pollution, toxic chemicals in food containers, or lead-based paint. The presence of these metals in the body must be detected through medical testing, but while you’re waiting for test results, you can utilize kala namak to help purge these substances. The electrolyte-based sulfur compound in the salt liquifies metals to aid in flushing them out while caring for the kidneys and liver, tasked with dealing with toxins in the body. Take 1 teaspoon of kala namak in warm water twice a day. Take a bath with 2 tablespoons of kala namak to help liquify metals sitting in your tissue layers. Take it a step further by adding sumac, amchur, and celery seed to your diet. These sour spices can help remove buildup of all kinds.

When you’re looking to cleanse the muck out of your body after feeling heavy and sluggish, consider kala namak. It’s a rich jewel of healing!



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