Goodness gua sha! We are so humbled and grateful for your vote, Sonoma County!

No one could have predicted the massive changes we all were asked to make in 2020. Some say the word of the year was “pivot” and we were no stranger to that as a small business! We are so grateful to all of our Sonoma County friends who stuck with us and came along as we shifted our offerings to a new world. DeAnna pushed at a growing edge and has felt so invigorated and inspired by the move!

She continues to hold all her clients in her heart even as they must be physically distant. Being voted “Best-Tele Health” is testament to the work she’s done to explore how to offer the wisdom of Ayurveda and the elements through a virtual setting. But it’s also brought surprises.

“Ready energy is easy in the ethers,” DeAnna says of her ability to provide remote consultations. “Being online provides room while allowing boundaries to naturally occur. These consultations are just as intimate as face-to-face. Plus, it’s special to be in your home, discussing self care ‘at-home health’ practices.”

The “Best Wellness Retreat” accolade was just a little bittersweet while we are unable to steam and sweat together in the self-care sanctuary. But a wellness retreat is just as powerful as a state of mind.

“it is possible to create a routine that you can go back to weekly or a cleanse or rejuvenation program three days in a row at home,” says DeAnna. “Start small.”

DeAnna acknowledges the grief for what is inaccessible that is real, but moves through that to seek new ways of being.

“I strive to integrate pre- and post-covid ways. I so desire going back to some pre-covid ways, as well as post-covid, new approaches,” she says. “I like to believe that everything is an opportunity.”

And for the second year in a row, you voted DeAnna Best Holistic Practitioner. She is so grateful for this acknowledgment and the trust her community puts in her to support rites of passage, health journeys, challenges, and learning opportunities. DeAnna pours her soul into the values that every individual has the ability to live in vitality, that self-care is the path to wellness, and that viewing the body as a complete system is the smartest way to tread that path.

“To be a holistic practitioner means listening, witnessing, then providing advice,” DeAnna says. “I like to think of myself as a good Health Detective, adding up all the signs, the physical and emotional symptoms, finding the openings for change, and inspiring action. Safety allows truth, truth allows growth, a no-judgement, we-are-all human approach.”

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