Dear dhyana Community,

This pandemic year has been a good time for reflection and facing the truth has never been more real than now.  Scott and I are humbled by the community support that has kept us healthy and fed through these challenging, unknown times.

Scott and I are tenacious people with perseverance, the ability to find solutions, and love on our side.  It has not been easy keeping the doors open, even when they were!  The fires, flood, and a pandemic happening has kept us on our toes year after year.  

The dhyana Center has been in Sonoma County for 22 years, the community embraced it with open arms and it grew to be what it is today, as it was tended by a hive of so, so many wonderful humans. Many of you remember the Covey Rd. location in Forestville or our rustic Victorian house on Atkinson Rd. and then how we built our epic downtown location as we know it now. 

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart and trusting mind, that we will not be reopening the dhyana Center facility on Main Street in Sebastopol, CA.

We could easily blame these changes on the lease agreement of the building, since we do not have the support necessary to allow us to stay.  We just cannot carry the burden forward that this time has brought forth.  Truth be told, operating a brick-and-mortar facility is grueling work, challenging daily, and an overwhelming struggle.  We must choose freedom at this point in our lives.  I must practice what I teach and acknowledge that this Bheda stage, the flowering into death, of the dhyana Center as we have known it is inevitable.  Change is here, where we have the opportunity to recede to reseed anew.  

We want to thank you for allowing us to provide space & support to thousands of customers, clients and students who came through the doors looking for Ayurvedic health education, yoga & movement, body work therapeutics, advice & support, a soak & steam room or maybe just a healthy drink from the bar.  We truly appreciate each and every practitioner, yoga instructor, employee and affiliate who has ever been inspired to support this shared vision.

Not all is lost. 

The vision lives on and the dhyana Center is going through an intentional metamorphosis now while the ability for ALL people to heal, learn and grow is going global and becoming more accessible in many ways.  

We look forward to the opportunities before us and are already in motion with making Elemental Theory, Lymphatic Health Tools, Health Tracking and DeAnna Advice at your fingertips.  If we can create a place like the dhyana Center, what might we do next?  I truly hope you will join us in this new chapter.

We feel good about leaving the beautiful space we created, as a brilliant foundation for others, so it is ready to be Repurposed with Purpose. Who knows, perhaps your time in the pandemic unknown created a desire for your own treatment center or healing event space?  The Basso building lofts we embellished will be available, waiting for the next inspired vision to play out.  

Honestly, it will be much more sustainable if it becomes multiple like-minded, health-conscious businesses working together as a whole experience. 

I would love to visit the beloved steam room again as a client and hopefully see you all there, to ensure it lives on!  We do know just the right person and they are already working on it! So if you want the Bathhouse Sanctuary to be available for group use and treatments, then send some positive juice to this idea, that it be easily revived right now, and continue to be available for sacred bathing practices for all.

These are the times when our belief in impermanence comes in handy.  Nothing lasts forever, all things come to change over time, and truth brings healthy growth. We also believe that the next reincarnation will have a good head start with what we actualized and built to last. 

We know that the dhyana Center’s physical space will be missed, was loved, and served a deep purpose in our shared community, as well as for all who visited from far and wide.  We hope that the dhyana Center made a lasting impression that inspires you to be your own health detective, take action in your health and actualize your dreams. It’s always worth it, no matter the outcome. 

Right now, I cry when I enter the Self Care Sanctuary.  May this wound heal with time.

We only know what we must do next and we are highly aware of the sacrifice that is at hand.

One thing that has been constant in my life is this desire and capacity to be in service to the sacred healing powers of the Elements and the human body. My teacher, Swami Niranjanananda named me “Dharmamurti” while living at the Bihar School of Yoga.  It means “One who loves and is dutiful on their path”.  Listening, assessing, teaching, using my hands and letting the plants speak through me is very natural.  I can guarantee I will be continuing to do this moving forward.

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The following anthem is our gift to our community. It’s inspired by my ethos which lives on, written by Alicia Henry. May you use it as a mantra in your daily practice and journey and as a reminder that we will continue on together.




Hari Aum and in gratitude,

DeAnna Batdorff
Scott Jenkins

Founders of dhyana Center of Therapeutics

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